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Documenting the signs of the pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, daily life has come to a sudden standstill and businesses have had to respond. Signs on storefronts announce operational changes but these messages are also brimming over with solidarity, shared responsibility, and cautious optimism. This project attempts to document the temporary signs that have gone up across our communities.

This archive features 1260 sign photos from 118 cities across the world. You can learn more about the project or submit a photo of your own. We're also posting photos Instagram and Twitter.

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New York City






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Adelaide 1Ajax 1Albany 1Alexandria 7Amsterdam 15Anchorage 1Annapolis Royal 2Arlington 1Arlington 3Austin 1Berlin 2Beverly Hills 1Bolton 1Brampton 2Bristol 1Brookline 1Calgary 1Cambridge 14Canberra 1Capilano 5 1Cedar Park 1Cleland 1Cobourg 2Colwood 1Da'an District 1Dallas 2Denton 1Dublin 2East Aurora 2East Rutherford 1Edinburgh 1Eugene 10Feasterville-Trevose 1Fort Collins 1Fort Lauderdale 1Frankfurt 1Fredericton 3Garland 1Glasgow 1Granada 1Great Neck 1Greenford 3Guelph 1Hamilton 42Hong Kong 2Iqaluit 2Jerusalem 1Kenley 1Lancing 1London 1Lorton 3Los Angeles 5Macau 1Manchester 2Marble Falls 1Markham 1Medford 1Miami 2Mississauga 2Monterrey 1Nevada City 1Newcastle 1Newcastle upon Tyne 1North Vancouver 1Northolt 1Norwich 1Nyack 3Oak Park 4Oakville 2Orangeville 1Oshawa 1Palisades 1Peterborough 1Philadelphia 1Port Bruce 1Port Dover 1Portland 2Providence 9Richmond 4Richmond Hill 1Saanich 1Saint John 2Salt Lake City 3San Francisco 8Santa Clarita 10São Paulo 2Saskatoon 4Seattle 2Seoul 6Shenandoah 1Somerville 15Spicewood 2St. John's 1Stratford 1Tel Aviv 1Tilburg 1Tokyo 2Torquay 1Triangle 2Tucson 1Utrecht 37Victoria 7Washington 4Wembley 6Whitby 1Whitehorse 6Whiting 1Winnipeg 15Woking 3Wokingham 1Xinyi District 1

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